SOLAR Powered LED's

Retro-reflective Taxiway, Runway and HeliPad Markers

L-853 (AC 150/5345-39D) FAA Certified

BrightPortal Resources, LLC was formed in June 2009.

We manufacture and market SOLAR Powered LED raised pavement markers used in various applications around the world.

Our research and development team is in the sixth generation of developing and enhancing the SOLAR Powered LED fixtures.  In November of 2020 we gained our L-853 (AC 150/5345-39D) FAA Certification designation!

The fixtures are in an application today at a few of the following places:

Airport Taxiways, Fire Stations - lighting up Helicopter landing Pads, on Commercial, GA and Municipal Airports - lighting up runways, taxiways, and aprons and being used on city streets to light up high traffic Pedestrian crosswalks.

The units are very effective in poor weather conditions as the bright LED penetrates through fog or mist and provides enhanced visibility.  The fixtures enhance Safety...

The units are maintenance free and work efficiently and reliable for many years.

General Applications

  • Accident Blackspots
  • Cluster Sites
  • Hazardous Road Layouts
    • Sharp Curves
    • Road Junctions
    • Dangerous and Sharp Road Bends
  • Hilly Areas
  • Narrow Roads
  • Foggy Weather Areas - Coastline/Hill Country
  • When Street Lighting is Unavailable
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Busy Traffic Intersections
  • National and State Highways
  • Flyovers/ Crop Dusting areas
  • Airport Guidance Lights
  • Pedestrian Crosswalks
  • Ships and Watercraft docks
  • Bike and Pedestrian Lanes

Our Work