Green Energy Advantage

BrightPortal Resources offers the next generation in solar powered raised pavement markers and the following advantages…

Cost Effective

  • 5 year average lifespan
  • Maintenance FREE
  • Alternative to overhead street lighting
  • Easy, friendly installation
  • No electrical power source needed


  • Visibility over 500 meters
  • Flashing vibrant lights – designed to be noticed
  • Single or double sided illuminating available as needed
  • Powerful

Increased Warning Distance

  • Emits vibrant light as opposed to reflecting light
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Designed to withstand tremendous weight pressure

Environmentally Safe

  • Green Energy Safe Products
  • Road Studs operated by “dry” energy source
  • Sustainable energy products
  • Inexpensive Handling and Safety
Chris Crusta Memorial Airport - Abbeville2c LA #6 sm
Slidell Municipal Airport #8 sm

"Going Green" with BrightPortal Resources

Proven Track Record:   Green Energy is the Solution:  Solar Raised Pavement Markers are already in use in many places around the world reducing nighttime accidents by some reports at over 70 percent.  The high-tech solar road markers will easily replace or compliment and work with the reflectors currently in place offering greater visibility and overall safety on the road at night.  Following this GREEN method using the sun and solar energy is a Fantastic solution.

Advanced Technology:   BrightPortal brings you the latest in solar-powered road safety lighting devices.  These products enhance road safety and save lives and money for road operators around the Globe.  The solar-based products operate autonomously using the solar energy absorbed from daylight.

Ease of Install and Everyday Operation:
   The solar road studs turn on and off automatically – at dusk, the units turn on and at daylight, they turn off…  The products are designed to handle tremendous weight pressure and extreme heat and cold conditions.  The products are easily installed and do not require any maintenance or electrical installation.  The units operate at a very low voltage and sealed making it safe for the public and the installers.

Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity.  Solar cells are commonly used to power calculators and watches.  Solar cells are made of semiconducting materials similar to those used in computer chips.

When sunlight is absorbed by these materials, the solar energy knocks electrons loose from their atoms, allowing the electrons to flow through the material to produce electricity.  The process of converting light – photons – to electricity – is called the photovoltaic effect.

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Our Strategy behind starting BrightPortal Resources LLC. was for one simple reason, “Saving the Earth for Future Generations”. There are many opportunities in becoming a full-service wholesale distributor of “Green Energy Products” -- but, none more satisfying than knowing we’re doing our part in saving the environment.

Money is important, but our kids and their future are more important. Let’s work together to restore this gift we call “earth” for our children -- Our Mother Earth is precious.  At BrightPortal Resources we want to help you become more environmentally friendly by offering our services (Institutional, Industrial and Commercial).