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Learn About Our Lighting Products’ Thermoplastic Adhesive Pads

Our solar-powered LED semi-flush reflective markers come with optional pads with a non-toxic, zero-VOC, and high-performance thermoplastic adhesive. These pads are designed to adhere our markers to concrete and asphalt surfaces. When heated with a propane torch, the pads liquefy and fuse with the surface and the markers. Rest assured that the resulting bond will last throughout the markers’ lifetime.

Number of Adhesive Pads per Fixture

Orange And Green Solar Light

Installation Instructions

Green Solar Light At Runway
  1. Before performing the installation, wear safety gloves so you do not get the heated adhesive on your skin. In addition, ensure that no moisture is present on the pavement surface before positioning the pad.

  2. Position the pad, then use a propane torch to heat it to its melting point.

  3. Position the solar-powered LED semi-flush reflective marker on the pad and ensure that the material surrounds the marker completely. You will know if the unit is secured to the surface once the pad seeps through the two holes on either side of the marker.

  4. With your gloved hand, apply slight pressure on the marker so it adheres firmly. Please note that you should not press the marker through to the surface. Instead, leave a cushion of adhesive pad between the marker and the surface.